For VT State Rep. Chittenden County District 6-1 (2 seats)


Please make donation checks payable to:

Joanna Cole for State Rep.

108 Rivers Edge Drive 

Burlington VT 05408  

If you prefer call Joanna at

(802) 660-7175

Thank you, Joanna Cole
Thomas L. Fleury, Treasurer

for Vermont State 
Rep. Chittenden 6-1

(802) 660-7175
108 Rivers Edge Drive
Burlington, VT 05408

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Enjoy my Gallery of Photo's.



  • 115Unity Party: With Vermont Speaker of House Shap Smith
  • 116.2Unity Party: With dear friend Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bill Lippert
  • 117Unity Party: With Northshore Neighbors Margy & Sandy Zabriskie
  • 121.2Unity Party: With Debbie Markowitz, now Sec. Of Natural Resources
  • 122Unity Party: With North Cove neighbor Robert Bristow-Johnson
  • 123.2Unity Party: With now Burlingtonian Steve Howard
  • 124Unity Party: With photographer Mary-Claire Carroll
  • 125.2Unity Party: With Floyd Nease now Exec. Dir. Of Vermont Association for Mental Health & Addiction Recovery
  • 128Unity Party: With Burlingtonian Andy Montrol
  • 129.2Unity Party: With Sen. Ginny Lyons, Chair of Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee
  • 130.2Unity Party: With Burlingtonian Rep. Jason Lorber
  • 131Unity Party: In the midst of the party!
  • 134.2NAMI WALK: Preparing for the NAMI-VT Walk with Philip Baruth & Sally Fox (Senators)
  • 136.2NAMI WALK: Conferring with Sen. Ginny Lyons
  • 138.4NAMI WALK: With neighbor Police Chief Mike Schirling and colleague NAMI teacher Elaine Miles
  • 139NAMI WALK: A bunch of politicos waiting to walk: Philip Baruth, Sally Fox, Peter Schumlin, Joanna Cole, Ann Pugh, Ginny Lyons & Tim Ashe.
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